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Funding Bucket-list Trips for Young Moms with Cancer

Everyone should have the opportunity to travel, see the world and be forever changed by it's enormity and wonder.  Some people aren't as lucky as many of us to wait for the day to be able to afford or plan those trips. Light(en) Me's mission is to fund and organize these unforgettable, life-changing experiences for young mom's with cancer and their families.  Because Tat would have loved nothing more than for others to feel as fortunate as she was.

We create these experiences with her spirit and zest for life in every detail of them.

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In progress... but here's the gist:

Light(en) Me is in the process of filing for 501c3 status to take donations in order to fund a new charitable organization to create and pay for life-changing experiences for those who whom we have a very special connection: young moms with cancer.

First off, contribute funds via donations.


We're going to be looking into you donating your own funded trips, time at your vacation homes or on your jet, or your hotel and airline points.  Eventually, if your own world-class services or memorable touch might help someone tick off an item on their bucket list, we'd want to hear from you.

Our goal is to grow Light(en) Me to be funding hundreds or even thousands of experiences. But like anything worth doing, we want to do it right, and so we're starting small.  We're focusing first on young moms with breast cancer, like Tat was. So if this is you, sign-up! Tell us about you and your family. Tell us about what's on your bucket list and where you've always dreamed of going one day. Help to give back by donating. Buy a candle (more to come on this).


Right now, we don't have explicit criteria figured out for who's trips we fund and organize. If you are a young mom with cancer, especially later stage, we know the feeling.  We know the family conversations, and day-to-day wars.  We know it's hard to think about planning something like one of our trips. Even if you have the means, you may not think this is the best use of your own funds, you have a million other worries and considerations - we still want to hear from you, and you are still eligible.  

Work with us

Full-time Director.  We want to make this real as soon as possible.  We're committed to funding this for years to come.  If you have relevant experience let us know.

Volunteers. We could move faster today with your help.  Organize trips, read mom's stories, help with partnerships, social media, etc.  If there's something you want to bring to the table let us know.

Charitable Partners. Luxury Hotels, Airlines, Restaurants, Event Organizers, Celebrities, etc. We'd love to work with you.

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A creative. A mom. A wife.

The light in every room and the reason everyone around her is forever better for her being.

Tatiana Carrier was diagnosed at 36 with Triple Negative breast cancer 4 days before she gave birth to her son and first baby, Atlas.  She traveled the world, lived with high amplitude for everything she did and celebrated all of it.  The courage, positivity and sheer beauty of her soul in the year she spent on her journey as a new mom who was dealing with cancer is awe-inspiring.  If you asked her how she did it, one of the things she'd say is that every opportunity for travel she took changed her.  It made it easier for her to be stronger, to appreciate her time here more, and to love the life and opportunities she had.  In some hard-to-describe way, being away, grounded her when she got back. And, for those especially luxurious trips, its easy to understand how she might feel a little bit lucky too :)

As her husband, we used to talk about how these travels changed 'us'.  As a couple, it made us more grateful for each other and our time together.  Knowing we had these highs together, it also made us braver during the lows and the hardest imaginable time.  It allowed us to handle the impossible, to smile at the painful. It made us love more, and accept it all, because we got to experience a life full of extraordinary.

We know Tat is so proud to help inspire and recreate some of the same opportunities for others like her.

Jan 27, 1983 - Aug 12, 2020 // forever

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Donors. Moms. Volunteers. Partners.

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